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Activities At The International Council Of Psychologists (ICP)
Dr Sandra E. S. Neil, Clinical Psychologist and Family Psychologist, Director The Satir Centre of Australia, Fellow, The Australian Psychological Society, World Area Chair Co-ordinator, The International Council of Psychologists.

Dr Sandra Neil has 51 years experience as a Clinical Psychologist, Family Psychologist And Individual, Marital, And Group Psychotherapist. For the International Council of Psychologists (ICP), she served as President Elect 1997, President 1998, and Past-President 1999. She also serves as ICP World Area Chair Coordinator 2000-2014. She has conducted professional workshops on the family, and Human Rights Summits throughout the world. She was Convener of the Scientific Program in Melbourne, Australia, for the ICP's Annual Convention in 1997, IAAP Human Rights World Summit July 2010, Melbourne Australia.

The Founder and Director of the Satir Centre of Australia, Dr Neil is interested in a wide range of clinical problems and therapeutic approaches; and conducts a full-time private multicultural psychology practice in Melbourne, Australia, in addition to her extensive international work. She received specialised training in both psychiatry and psychology at St Vincent's Hospital, Prince Henry's Hospital, and the University of Melbourne, which awarded her a PhD for her research into psychotherapy in obesity and body image problems.

Having published many books, articles, book reviews, television and press interviews in the last 51 years, Dr Neil has also been Convener of all the Human Rights World Summits for the ICP at its annual conventions between 1983 and 2011. In 2011 she organised the Scientific Programme for The International Council of Psychologists annual Convention in Washington D.C 29th July - 2nd August and in 2012 she delivered the keynote address, "Strengthening Couples And Families" for the United Nations Family Day, 14th May 2012 in Vienna Austria.

Her book published with Dr R.L Silverberg "The Multicultural Family Chess Board" describes a therapy method she uses with individuals, families, and organisations in many countries.

About ICP

In 2019 ICP CELEBRATES 77 Years: The International Council of Psychologists, Inc. (ICP) celebrates 77 years as a pioneering professional association. ICP's three name changes reflect the inclusive, innovative, and collaborative nature envisioned by those who established the National Council of Women Psychologists in the USA in 1941. In 1946, the name was changed to International Council of Women Psychologists and women psychologists from all nations were invited to share in furthering the advancement of scientific psychology and its applications throughout the world.

ICP's GOAL: ICP is committed to furthering world peace, promoting human rights and promoting collaboration among mental health professionals and social scientists, globally.

ICP Board of Directors/Executive Committee
President: Dr. Tara Pir, USA
President Elect: Dr. Janet Sigal, USA
Past President: Dr. Ludwig Lowenstein, England
Treasurer: Dr. Ani Kalaijan, NY, USA
Secretary: Dr. Cecilia Cheng, Hong Kong, China

ICP Directors At Large Term expires in 2015
Dr. Ana Guil Spain
Dr. Elisa Margaona Mexico
Dr. Sarlito Sarwono Indonesia

ICP Directors At Large Term expires in 2016
Dr. Diana Boer Germany
Dr. Yoshika Kato Japan

ICP Directors At Large Term expires in 2017
Dr. Richard Velayo USA
Polly Dy, Esq Philippines

ICP Conference 2015 Co Chairs: Janet A. Sigal, Ph.D., Florence L. Denmark, Ph.D., Ann Marie O'Roark, Ph.D.
ICP Scientific Program Committee 2015
Scientific Conference Co Chairs: Janet A. Sigal, Ph.D., Florence L. Denmark, Ph.D., Ann Marie O'Roark, Ph.D.
Coordinator of Workshop Programs: Ann Marie O'Roark, Ph.D.
Toronto Local Arrangements
Conference Logistics: Dr Janet A. Sigal Ph.D.
Executive Committee: Dr. Tara Pir, Dr. Janet Sigal, Dr. Ludwig Lowenstein, Dr. Ani Kalaijan, Dr. Cecilia Cheng
World Area Chair Coordinator
Dr. Sandra E.S. Neil, Australia
Membership Chair TBA
Non-Voting Board Representatives
Dr. Florence Denmark, USA
International Association Liaison Chair
Dr. Joy Rice USA
ICP WEBSITE ADDRESS http://www.icpweb.org

ICP Conference 2016
Local Arrangements Chair
Dr Machiko Fukuhara (Japan)
In negotiations for Yokohama 2016

Year Location Theme
2015 Toronto, Canada Psychological Contributions to Solving Global Problems in the 21st Century
2013 Jakarta, Indonesia Moving Towards Peaceful Intergroup Relationships
2012 Seville, Spain Health, Peace, and Social Justice
2011 Washington, D.C., USA Integration of Health and Mental Health in the Context of Culture: Providing Comprehensive Services in Partnership with Allied Professionals
2010 Chicago, Illinois, USA Psychological Values Around the World
2009 Mexico City, Mexico Scientific Psychology: New Developments Internationally
2008 St. Petersburg, Russia Families and Societies in Transition
2007 San Diego, California, USA Peace, Hope, and Well Being Across Cultures
2006 Kos, Greece Taking Responsibility for the Future
2005 Foz, Brazil Making a Difference in Workplaces
2004 Jinan, China Making a Difference in the Lives of Others
2003 Toronto, Canada Mental Health for Today's World
2002 Manila, Philippines Helping Others Grow
2001 Winchester, England Catching the Future: Women and Men in Global Psychology
2000 Padua, Italy It's all About Relationships
1999 Salem, Massachusetts, USA The Spiritual Side of Psychology at Century's End
1998 Melbourne, Australia A Matter of Life: Psychological Theory, Research, & Practice Regional: Cross-Cultural Encounters in Industry, Education, and Family in the Pacific